Airtel Lifetime Validity Packs For Incoming & Outgoing

Airtel Lifetime Validity Packs & Validity Recharge Pack 49: Indian telecom company Bharti Airtel just updated their Airtel Lifetime Validity Recharge 43 plan.

Also know about Airtel Top-up vouchers and validity periods. Kindly check out this article if you want to know about the latest, recently updated plans and vouchers.

No need to browse the internet endlessly for recharge info. We have got a one stop solution to eradicate all your doubts regarding the tremendous change in Airtel Validity Packs 2020.

Airtel Lifetime Validity Packs & Validity Recharge Pack 49

Airtel Lifetime Validity Packs & Validity Recharge Pack 49

The telecom company Airtel keeps launching economical Airtel Lifetime Validity Recharge 43 packs frequently.

Earlier, that launched the Rs. 29 pack for their users and now they have revised recharge plans for all the packs. We have elaborated all of them below. Kindly keep reading the article till the end.

Nowadays, every telecom company has launched validity packs and recharge offers for customers who are still stuck with 2G and 3G phones and networks.

So here’s a brief info about the new validity packs. The catch is, that now, you would be charged for incoming calls too.

Let us take a glimpse of all the recharge offers and validity plans first and then the doubts running in your mind would be solved.

Airtel Lifetime Validity Plan Available on incoming

Hola ! Your favorite network Airtel has brand new recharge offers, top-up vouchers and validity plans for all loving customers like you.

Airtel Lifetime Validity Plan Available on incoming

There are some newly introduced packs that are valid for the entire lifetime (Lifetime validity plans). But, kindly read the terms and conditions carefully, as you might get confused with the plans.

Airtel has launched just two lifetime validity plans for you. Take note that lifetime validity offer is valid only in case of incoming calls.

That means, you can’t make calls once your threshold validity is achieved, but yes you can always answer incoming calls.

In simpler terms, you avail the lifetime validity offer on incoming calls and need to purchase a separate plan to make outgoing calls. Both the plans are described below in detail. Kindly take a look.

Airtel Lifetime Validity Plan on incoming

AmountTalk TimeIncoming ValidityOutgoing Validity
Rs- 100Rs- 81.75Lifetime28 Days
Rs- 500Rs- 420.73Lifetime28 Days
Rs- 23Rs 0Lifetime28 Days

Plan 1:-

  • Amount- Rs 100
  • Talktime- Rs 81.75
  • Incoming Validity- Lifetime
  • Outgoing Validity- 28 Days
  • Data- No Data

Airtel lifetime validity Plan 2

  • Amount- Rs 500
  • Talktime- Rs 420.73
  • Incoming Validity- Lifetime
  • Outgoing Validity- 28 Days
  • Data- No Data

Airtel Lifetime Validity Plan 3

  • Amount- Rs 23
  • Talktime- 0
  • Incoming Validity- 28 Days
  • Outgoing Validity- 28 Days
  • Data- No Data

Airtel Recharge Plans and Validity Packs:

The recharge plans, top up vouchers and validity packs offered by Airtel are the same as that offered by any other network operator like BSNL, JIO, IDEA, VODAFONE etc.

More or less, all the companies quote nearly the same price for their validity packs. It is mere manipulation and marketing strategy of the telecom companies which makes you believe that a particular company charges lesser amount as compared to others.

Therefore, it is completely futile to switch your network operator every now and then. Here, we are mentioning all the recharge plans and validity packs in the table below. Kindly check the best suited recharge plan for yourself.

Packs for AirTel

RechargeValidityMain Balance + DataPack or Plan
Rs-2328 Days0 + 0All Local and STD calls @ 2.5p/sec, per SMS Local @ Re.1 & National @ Rs.1.5
Rs 2928 Days0+0520 MB 2G/3G/4G Data
Rs-3528 DaysRs-26.66 Talktime + 100MB Data-----------
Rs-5528 DaysRs-55 Talk Time + 200MB DataTariff At 60P/Min On (Local/STD/LL) Calls
Rs-9528 DaysRs 95 TalkTime + 500MB DataTariff at 30p/min On (Local/STD/LL) calls
Rs-14528 DaysRs 145 Talk Time + 1GB DataTariff of 30p/min on (Local/STD/LL ) calls
Rs-24528 DaysRs 245 Talk Time + 2GB DataTariff of 30p/min on (Local/STD/LL ) calls

Checking the plans mentioned above, you would notice that there are only two plans that offer a validity period beyond 28 days.

Those plans cost ₹145 and ₹245 each. Excluding these two, the rest of the plans have a validity of exact 28 days.

Recharge plans with a price of ₹95 or above cost you 30p per minute on both Local and STD calls.

Recharging with ₹55, you spend 60p per minute on both Local and STD calls which is not a beneficial deal for you at all.

If you usually do not call or text message anyone, but like to keep your talktime recharged, then you may opt for the ₹35 plan.

This plan gets you ₹26.66 as talk time balance and 100 MB data as well. This is the most basic recharge plan, recharging with which you obtain both talktime and validity.

If your incoming call facility is barred and you want to activate it, without spending from the main balance, then you may go for the ₹23 recharge plan. It just provides you validity, without offering talk time and data.


Q.What happens if I don’t recharge?

A. Both your incoming and outgoing calling facilities will be barred. You will not be able to contact anyone over the phone.

Q. What happens if I have balance and no validity?

A. You will not be able to spend your balance on incoming and outgoing calls, as both of them would be barred. Renew your validity so that you can use your balance.

Q. Can my balance be used to extend validity?

A. Of course, it can be done very easily.

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