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Best Wireless Earphones in India: Wireless earbuds are the overriding priority of today’s tech-savvy and music fanatic youth, over the wired and tangling ones. With the wireless Apple Air-Pods being the begetter of all such wireless earphones, the gadget has emerged as one of the highest-grossing devices since 2016.

Wireless Apple AirPods have established in the gadget market as a trendsetter. They have sown the seeds of competition among various brands, compelling them to manufacture a number of sundry earphones equipped with new innovations, smart features, latest noise cancellation techniques, and longer durability, in all price segments.

Best Wireless Earphones in India

If you are planning to buy the Best Wireless Earphone/Headphone and search the internet thoroughly for “Which is the best wireless earphone in India?”, then you are at the right place. Here we have shared detailed information about the “Best Wireless Earphones in India“. Choose a suitable one according to your needs from the list provided below.

Just like every other time, as you land in the market and embark on the gadget hunting spree, you go bonkers after the enticing options are unleashed. Therefore, we at, are here to help you choose the best fit, according to your needs, requirements, and lifestyle.

So, let us explore more about wireless earphones without much further ado. Before beginning the article, quickly take a look at them:

Benefits of Wireless Earphones, Earbuds, Headphone

Filling the ocean in a pot, here are some reasons why you should choose the wireless earphones over the wired segment.

1. Convenient to use

This is foremost on the list of people using wireless earbuds. They are convenient to use and easy to handle, eradicating the undesired stretching of the wires and the accidental ejection of the cord from the device jack.

2. No strings attached

Well, the saying is not just confined to relationships, but also holds relevance in the tech world. The wireless music experience can be enjoyed anywhere, in any state, be it sweaty workouts, a boring commute, or mountain trekking. Also, the all-time unwinding of the tangling wires is at bay.

3. Stunning looks

That offbeat look due to the absence of wires looks absolutely natty on you, also making you stand apart from the crowd, wherever you go. Moreover, it also matches with any attire you wear. What more can you ask for?

Things to check for before purchasing Wireless Earbuds:

  • Make sure that the earphones you are purchasing are compatible with your phone’s socket. Earphones either come with a micro-USB or USB-C port.
  • Do not get worried about earbuds from a particular brand being incompatible with your smartphone belonging to a different brand.
  • Every brand manufactures earbuds that are compatible with smartphones belonging to other brands too. Although exceptions are always there, for instance, Air-Pods from the legendary Apple company are compatible only with Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, etc).
  • Check for the return policy of the concerned gadget. This is important because people are really selective about sound and if by any chance, the sound quality of the gadget fails to fascinate them, returning the gadget and buying a new one is feasible.
  • Some important details to check for in a pair of Wireless Earbuds are battery life, sound staging, ergonomics (buds along with the case), and the quality of the microphone.
  • If you are a complete tech-head then you can check for more advanced features like active noise cancellation, modes(Ambiance mode, gaming mode), EQ, in-built equalizers, codec, and AI Assistants.

Top 10 Best Earbuds in India

Now let’s take a detailed glimpse of the Best TWS Earbuds in India & Its price, Full Specification.

1.RealMe Buds Air

We have the RealMe Buds air topping the list, which bears resemblance to the Apple AirPods in terms of design. Efficient in deceiving people for Apple AirPods instead of RealMe, this set of earphones is endued with multiple features that you can never get enough of, such as Multi-functioning buttons, dual-channel transmission, solo bud usage, gaming mode, and environment noise cancellation during calls.

RealMe Buds Air Price in India

To make it easier for you, they have provided the automatic music play and pause feature and auto-connection with your device by means of Google fast pair.

The charging hassle lies miles away from you, as the storage case of the earbuds facilitates charging, indicating the LED light when the charging is under process.

Containing a USB-C port and a long-standing battery life of 17 hours, the gadget is the perfect fit for music enthusiasts scouring the market for a wireless Hearable.

2. JBL C100TWS

JBL has brought global recognition to its name by manufacturing top-notch earbuds, both in wired and wireless segments, also leaving an indelible impression on its customers.

jbl c100tws price in India

A new addition to the JBL family under the wireless segment comes in the form of JBL C100TWS, which is equipped with all the essential features including crystal clear sound quality and convenient stereo calling.

The Bluetooth 5.0 enabled device pairs with your device automatically as soon as it is unleashed from the case box. Delivering a non-stop music experience of 5 hours, JBL has managed to impress us yet again. Additional features include a quick charging and charging-enabled earbuds case.

3. Wings Touch

As the name implies, this pair of earphones offers touch-enabled controls. The list of mandatory specifications includes easy auto-pairing with the Device stereo calls and voice assistant support.

wings touch earbuds price in india

Powered by 6-hour long battery support, one can enjoy uninterrupted music. Heavy bass is another promising feature of the gadget.

The latest Bluetooth version 5.0 keeps you connected with the device within the 10m range. The IPX7 protected device remains unaffected and efficient even under deep waters.

4. XIAOMI MI Wireless Earphones 2

Here comes another imitative of the legendary Apple Air-Pods, hailing from the Chinese company Xiaomi, titled “Xiaomi True wireless earphones 2”. Enthroned on the 4th position in the list and granted a unique half-year design, this gadget stands out from others in terms of style and appearance.

XIAOMI MI Wireless Earphones 2 price in india

Some exceptional specifications that add to its distinctiveness are dual-noise cancellation, gesture support, in-ear detection, seamless connectivity (only for XIAOMI users), and LHDC codec for excellent audio output.

A big-time entertainment machine which saves time by replenishing battery within 1 hour 10 minutes, lasts up to 14 hours with the charging case and 4 hours with the earbuds. USB Type-C port enabled, this gadget is hell-bent on splitting one’s eardrums with its breathtaking voice quality.

5. Lenovo HT-10 Pro

By far, this device is the one which is a total-time saver, known for running 8 hours on a single charge and 40 hours with the case.

lenovo ht10 pro price in india

Powered by robust battery life and running on a Qualcomm qcc3020 chipset, the gadget clinches the deal due to some outstanding features like Master-Slave switching, dual equalizer modes (Standard and Extra Bass), Bluetooth connectivity within 20m range.

With other usual features such as IPX5 protection, Bluetooth 5.0, APT-X HD codec, and a magnetic charging case.  Lenovo seems to be hitting the jackpot with the launch of this gadget.

6. Blaupunkt BTW01

This sound machine from the land of Germany is a complete value for money product for the customers looking forward to rough usage. The product is well-resistant to dust, water, and sweat.

Blaupunkt BTW01 price in India

The light-weighted gadget, weighing 5.5 grams could be the best companion for you in the gym or would help you pass time during inescapable situations such as a long journey, a boring webinar, or waiting in queues.

Offers a decent battery life of 6 hours on a single charge. The Bluetooth 5.0 equipped gadget brings along with it a boxy bass sound and a satisfactory connectivity range.

The perfect gadget for receiving and making calls. Bear in mind to receive calls from the left Pod, as it is the master.

7. Noise X5

Having witnessed it personally, Noise is the most Favorite and preferred brand to people when it comes to purchasing wireless earbuds also lauded with overwhelming reviews.

Noise X5 earbuds price in india

The Hearable is Bluetooth 5.0 armed that works well within a 10m radius. IPX5 protection ensures resistance to water and other weathering agents.

The powerful bass sound offered by the gadget lives up to your expectations. Its battery lasts up to 6 hours without the charging case and 36 hours in total (with the case). Ok, Google and Hey Siri voice command support is a cherry on the top.

8. Cross beats Pebble

Encrusted with a rich olive green Color and copper-coated buttons, the Cross beats Pebble looks splendidly awesome when you wear it to places.

Crossbeats Pebble price in India

Extremely light-weighted gadget, weighing 4.8 grams would suffice to kill your monotony. IPX6 protection equipped, this gadget would be the perfect companion for you during your sweaty gym workouts.


Underlying Graphene drivers let the music pass beyond the buds, making even the surroundings aware of the booming bass sound.

Two different music modes are offered by the gadget- Stereo and Mono modes. The MFB button is always ready to take voice commands from the user. The gadget serves 5 hours of music playback on a single charge and 20 hours of total playback time.

9. 1MORE Stylish

This gadget supports the aptX Bluetooth codec and the best sound output can be obtained on devices that are aptX compatible. Another limitation that this gadget sees is a micro USB port, which might be a turn off to some people.

1more stylish true wireless price in India

A 7-mm dynamic driver manages to hit the desired sound quality. The Bluetooth version it uses is version 5.0 and the gadget’s battery lasts for a day, with the charging cases included. The best option for people who are not too picky about sound and Equalizer modes.

10. Shanling MTW100

Shanling might be a newly known or a rarely heard name to you. With its roots connected to China, it has gained accolades from the market.

Shanling MTW100 price in India

The gadget is launched in two different variants: Dynamic and Balanced armature. If you like to listen to music for longer hours, without a break, you may opt for the Balanced armature variant, which lasts for 7 hours.

Additional 24-hour charge support is provided to the earbuds from the charging case. The basic difference between both models is the intensity of the bass sound, which is higher in the dynamic model.

Bass lovers may go for the dynamic model, but then they would be compromising on battery life and other sound characteristics. Despite the presence of Bluetooth version 5.0, the gadget is just AAC and SBC codec enabled.

Exceptional features include “Surrounding awareness mode”, which keeps you connected to the ambiance and simultaneous on-going conversations. IPX7 water resistance hinders the gadget from any aquatic harm.


This is our detailed description of the Best Wireless Earphones in India that you can buy if your pockets are too tight.

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