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jio media cable price in India

What is Jio Media Tv Cable?

All of us are well-equipped with numerous advanced gadgets in our day-to-day lives. Gadgets make our tedious and herculean tasks easy and interesting.

Gadgets have established such a prominent place in our lives that they are now used as saviours for dispelling boredom, monotony, loneliness and are also used for educational purposes, be it primary education or higher studies.

How do I use Jio Media cable

Sometimes, it becomes complex to fulfill the needs on small-screen devices such as mobile phones, tablets etc. Prolonged use of such devices may also result in a blurry and unclear vision. People suffering from vision related problems already refrain themselves from using such devices.

Not only that, but the strained and uneasy posture involved in operating such devices also leads to excruciating cervical and shoulder pains.

Not everyone finds it fascinating and enjoyable to watch their favorite movies or video songs on a narrow screen.

Is Jio Media cable available?

Therefore, Ambani-owned Reliance Jio has planned to launch its much awaited accessory, the Jio Media Cable by August 2020 in India.

Salient features of the Jio Media Cable

The Jio Media Cable is essentially a wired cable that lets the users establish a connection between their Jio phones and other media devices such as LCD/LED televisions or with old CRT televisions.

Such an accessory facilitates the streaming of live channels, Movies, TV shows and other video graphic content from certain applications such as JioTv, Jio cinema, Netflix, Amazon prime video, etc.

Classification of variants- Jio Media Cable m533 and Jio Media Cable M532

The Jio Media TV Cable would be launched in two variants. The first one would be equipped with an HDMI TV output port, that will allow the users to connect the media cable to their respective LCD/LED televisions.

The second variant would consist of an RCA jack or RCA connector that would make the connection between the mobile phones and old television sets( CRT sets with AV input) feasible.

Some additional accessories provided with the Jio, Media Cable consist of a small Jio adapter which makes the conversion of USB 3.0 signal to HDMI or RCA possible. The media cable provided has a total length of 40 centimetres.

The packaging box comprising the HDMI supported media cable comes in red colour with a unique code- m533, whereas the RCA supported media cable box is colored blue, with the code-m532.

Price and launch date of the Jio Media Cable in India

There is no final word on the Jio Media Cable launch date in India, but it is highly probable to be launched by the end of August 2020.

How much is the cost of Jio Media cable?

It would be launched at an affordable and a thrifty price of 1,499 INR, which is quite a nominal price for any such media accessory. The Jio Media Cable price in India on Flipkart,Amazon and Olx would lie nearly close to the above mentioned figure.

Where can we buy the Jio Media cable from?

As of now, the Jio Media Cable has officially not been launched yet, and thus, is not available for sale on the official Jio website or other popular and common shopping platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. It would be available for sale right after its official launching announcement.

Significance of the Jio Media Cable:

As of the current scenario, there is no alternative to accessories like Jio Media Cable, due to its low cost, good connectivity and easy-to-use features. Therefore, it would be a wise decision to buy the soon-to-be launched Jio-Media Cable.


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