MX Player Pro APK Download For Android [Latest Version]

MX Player Pro: People nowadays are way too much glued to their respective devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. that are portable and easy to carry.

The infatuation is so acute that people prefer to watch movies and much more video graphic content straight at their device’s screen.

Download MX Player Pro APK (Official Latest Version)

This deal is far better and beneficial than spending a big buck at the Theatres where you pay exorbitant prizes merely to watch a movie and also to satiate your hunger pangs, if any.

MX Player App Pro

It irks you, even more, when you spend shekels on watching a much-awaited action-packed movie and it does not turn out to be as electrifying as it seemed to be. By watching it from the comfort of your home, you save colossal amounts of money, energy, and time as well.

Online MX Player

On the contrary, in the current scenario, it is an innoxious affair to watch movies and other recreational activities by remaining indoors to avoid social gatherings, in the light of the coronavirus outbreak. Hence, it is a wise decision to bring entertainment to your own doorstep to remain healthy and safe.

Very few people find the pre-installed applications in their phones fruitful or fit for usage. There is always some inadequacy in the features offered in the application, or there is a compromise in the quality of the features offered.

MX Player For Windows

Similarly, pre-installed video players in your device fail to fascinate you to a greater extent. Therefore, to get a buzz out of your video-watching experience, choosing an apposite video player is the crucial step.

MX player online

One needs a video player on which he/she can watch videos in both online and offline modes. The best video player on the internet today with tons of such features, abundant in both quality and quantity is the MX player app.

MX Player APK

There are many enticing features in the MX player app which compel the netizens to download it, install it in their phones and use it as their default video player.

MX player web series

This app has established itself as the best video player on the app store due to certain riveting features like playing any audio file or video file and being able to watch both your personalized content (downloaded movies, self-recorded videos, etc.), online web series and also your daily soap episodes.

It means that this app has everything to offer from soup to nuts. Hence, it is the most preferred application for online video streaming and video-watching and it is also evident from the number of downloads it has received, which are nearly above 100 million.

MX Player Web Series

Why MX player pro?

One thing, that many people are oblivious of, is that there is an advanced version of this app, known as MX player pro. Now you must be wondering why are we introducing the advanced version of this app before you?.

Well, the answer is quite simple. While streaming videos online, you encounter long and annoying advertisements. It is totally justifiable for any user to get irked when he/she faces interruption while streaming their favorite video content online.

One or two ads are bearable, but an advertisement popping up in the middle of your favorite TV show/web series/movie is really unbearable and enough to make one’s hackles rise.

Therefore, this advanced version of the app has been launched, where you can enjoy watching your favorite recreational content without any interruptions or hassles.

MX player for windows

This player is accessible on all kinds of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, iPads, iPhones, desktop etc. irrespective of the operating system that it uses, such as Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Ubuntu etc.

How can we help you acquire the Pro version?

It is said that there is nothing in this world such as free lunch. Therefore, this app which comes with a bunch of perks and benefits is not available to you for free.

MX player apk download

It is a paid version of the MX player app which can be downloaded from the Play Store or Apple store. We, at could provide you the same application totally free of cost. Why pay when you can save your money for fulfilling your necessities?

Download MX Player Pro apk latest version for Android/iOS/Windows:

This is an advanced version of the MX player app which comes with all ups and no downs, like-

  • Ad-free service
  • Advanced hardware acceleration
  • Supported subtitles

Due to some such above-mentioned features, this pro version of the app received prodigious amounts of appreciation and a massive number of downloads from netizens all over the world.

We are hereby sharing the free apk file of the latest version of the app with you. This Mod apk file works smoothly on all kinds of devices without any obstructions, unlike other apk files that demand a purchase key to function.

Details of the application:

Name- MX Player Pro

Developer- J2 interactive

Version- 1.24.1

Last updated on: 7th May 2020

Downloads: 500k+

Average rating- 4.7

Size- 19mb

Extras- All Premium features unlocked

Steps to install MX player Pro apk on your device:

Step 1: Kindly download the apk file from the link provided by us above.

Step 2: Click on the recently downloaded apk file and enable the installation of files downloaded from unknown sources.

Step 3: After enabling the unknown sources option, tap on the recently downloaded apk file again and install the application on your device.

Step 4: After the installation of the app, open it. You can now access all the videos stored in your gallery. Congratulations! You can now enjoy all the special and the premium features of the application at no extra cost.


We hope you were able to access the application with the help of the link provided by us. If you want us to bring more such pro versions of certain other applications at your service, kindly share this article with your friends, family, and acquaintances and let them enjoy the premium features as well.

In case of any queries, doubts, or issues, please feel free to convey them to us by commenting in the comment section below.

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