What is Truecaller Premium Gold Mod apk? How to get it free for Android & iOS

Truecaller Premium apk: Let me take you back to your childhood days in the 1990s, where in order to contact anyone by means of a phone call, the archaic rotary dial telephones were used.

The mobile phones were so not in vogue back then, and people had to wait for minutes before their calls got placed. Also, when one received a call over the telephone, they used to be on pins and needles as the identity of the caller was not known.

Waiting for the phone call from your best friend or that special someone in that bygone era was a sentiment that cannot be felt by the people swiping their smartphone screens nowadays.

Truecaller Premium apk

Pranking people and fooling around dialing random numbers to trouble your near and dear ones were so much fun back then. The skeptical emotion about the identity of the caller before answering a phone call used to be the most dreadful moment for most of us, especially if someone did something mischievous.

Truecaller Premium Gold apk Latest Version

Well, as time and technology progressed, the heinous activities of many such culprits came to a standstill, as the mobile phones display the number from which the call is being received.

To add a feather to the cap, with the launch of Android smartphones and Android applications, now it is also possible to elicit the slightest details, like the name and even the location of any number that you want to track.

The launching of applications like Truecaller has made it possible to identify any such callers who try to be behind the closed doors and trouble others.

Be it the Android or iOS users, all of them must be carrying this nifty and easy-to-use application in their respective devices, which is named ‘Truecaller’.

Truecaller Premium Gold Mod apk

Truecaller is one genuine application which is conducive to the identification of unknown callers or people trying to conceal their identities.

The user can easily acquire the details such as the name, current location, etc. of the person operating a particular phone number, even if the number is not present in their contact list.

This app is also useful in blocking such users who incessantly spam people by means of SMS and phone calls. Therefore, this application facilitates the identification and blocking of spam users as well.

Truecaller Premium apk

However, the free version of this Trucaller application can easily be downloaded by the Google Play Store for the Android users and from the Apple stores for the iOS users, But in order to avail and use some top-notch features of the app that are not available for everyone, you need to purchase the Truecaller Premium Gold Mod apk version of this application.

Such exceptional features include in Truecaller Premium apk

  • Ad-free experience of the app.
  • Call recording options.
  • Secret visitors and viewers of your profile.
  • Profile viewing in private mode.
  • Possession of the Premium badge.

The user desiring to avail and enjoy the above-mentioned features is required to pay a minimal price of ₹49 to switch to the Truecaller Premium apk version of the app.

Truecaller Premium Gold Mod application

But if you want to enjoy all these benefits without loosening your purse strings, do not worry. This application works quite well on Android 4.4 and above. Also, it is convenient to use with a minuscule size of 46 mb.

You may follow the guidelines for the installation of the Premium version of the app and then install it using the link provided by us below.

Premium Gold Apk + Mod

We are sharing with you the file of the Truecaller Premium Gold Mod apk version, and by downloading it, you can easily access all the above-mentioned features absolutely free of cost.

20 Features of Truecaller Premium/Gold version:

  1. Elimination of advertisements- Ads can be a real pain in the arse. There are moments when you are really keen on doing something real quick such as placing an important call, or finding out the details of any unknown number, when those exasperating ads pop-up, out of nowhere. It becomes an irritating deal to work with the app then. Therefore, the operator using the Premium/Gold version of the app will not experience those annoying and undesirable ads.
  2. Call recording allowed- You can easily record your phone calls made to anyone without installing a separate application to achieve the needful. It must be noted that this feature of the Premium/Gold version is not supported on Android Pie and Q. The quality of the calls being recorded is absolutely top-notch and gets saved in your music gallery automatically, waiting to be listened to by you later.
  3. The person whom you are speaking to will totally be unaware of the fact that the call is being recorded, as there are no notification tones in between the recording procedure. However, it must be noted that before the activation and usage of this feature, you must be aware of your country’s privacy policies. There are security norms for some countries according to which call recording is a punishable offense. Therefore, kindly bear in mind the consequences of your actions.
  4. Identify stalkers- You can easily come to know who is viewing your profile secretly, every now and then, by updating to the Premium/Gold version. This is a beneficial feature of the app which helps you monitor and keep an eye on your stalkers. If you ever wish to know who viewed your profile, the option lies under the security tab of the Truecaller Premium app where you can go through the list of your profile viewers.
  5. This premium version also lets you add a detailed description to your profile by allowing the uploading of certain details, such as name, picture/photo, and address. Although, this feature is optional. In order to maintain your privacy, it is not necessary for you to upload your personal details.
  6. Go incognito- Just like Google chrome and other internet browsing applications, this feature is available in this application as well, where you can resume your activities while being incognito so that other users cannot track your actions.
  7. But this feature may not be able to serve its best if the person you are trying to keep a track of is also using the Premium version of the app. Also, by activating this option, you can hide the status of your profile, your last seen and your current status, whether online, offline, or on a call.
  8. Premium badge- Provides a splendid interface to your profile when you make calls to any of your contacts. This option grants such a professional look to your Truecaller ID that whenever you call anyone, including a stranger, it is highly probable that he/she will answer the call. It would seem like an urgent professional call, that cannot be declined.
  9. Extended limit of contact requests-  If you ever feel that you need to get a new company or a new coterie of friends that can dispel your monotony, this feature is for you. People who are really fond of knowing new people and making friends can try their hands on this feature.
  10. You can discover new people on this application, especially those ones who are close to your vicinity, by sending them a simple friend request. You stand eligible to send up to 30 requests per month to anyone.
  11. Gold caller ID- You will be recognized as a gold member by the people comprising your contact list, and will receive a gold badge.
  12. Add to Blacklist option- The Truecaller application keeps a good track of the users spamming other operators. Therefore, this feature has been enabled for your convenience and other’s benefit too.
  13. If you ever receive calls from a spam number, the application notifies you right away, and in such a case, you can decline the phone call, report the number as spam and add the number to the blacklist right away.
  14. Thereafter, you won’t receive calls from that very number and due to a large number of spam reports for that particular number, others won’t entertain calls from that number as well.
  15. Block unnecessary phone calls and spam messages- There is at least one person in everyone’s contact list who keeps calling, messaging or contacting you relentlessly, without knowing where to draw the line. Females are the most common victims of such atrocities.
  16. You need not worry when the application is there at your service if you want to avert such phone calls. The needful can be easily achieved by simply tapping a button on your device. Setting the Truecaller premium application as your default calling and messaging app, you can add that annoying, undesirable number to the blacklist which keeps you away from the scorching and monotonous time-consuming conversations.
  17. The same can be achieved for the messaging platform as well. The person trying to contact you would be dubious about him/her not being able to reach up to you, and the line would always be busy for them.
  18. Backup and Cloud sync option- This feature enables the users to transfer their entire data including contacts, call history, Sms messages, etc to the google drive. The data can easily be retained from the Google drive in case you purchase a new phone and want to store every slight memory of your old phone in it.
  19. Also, it avoids the hassle of adding contacts in your contact list and restoring old messages if you reboot/format your device.
  20. High priority support- By upgrading to the premium version of the app, you attain a prime membership and all your queries, doubts or issues regarding the operation of the application is received, responded and resolved personally by the officials. The needful is dispensed within very less time so that they don’t keep you waiting all day long.

Such are the perks of being a premium customer of the Truecaller application. Now, the guidelines to install the application are explained hereby.

Steps to install Truecaller Premium apk Mod, Gold pro

  • You must first uninstall the official Truecaller Premium apk (Gold) from your phone, before installing the apk file provided by us.
  • Go to your phone settings, select the security option, and enable the option “Unknown sources”.
  • Kindly click on the Truecaller Premium Mod apk file and wait until it gets installed in your device.
  • Open the recently installed application in your device.
  • Kindly click on “Get started” and allow all the permissions that this app seeks to function properly in your device.
  • Enter your current phone number and your OTP will automatically get verified by the application.
  • Enter some more required details like your name and your valid e-mail ID.

Congratulations! You are ready to use the Truecaller Premium apk Gold version of this application without spending a single penny.

In order to verify the authenticity of the Premium version, you can go to the menu and check on the additional features, such as Who viewed my profile, Call recording, etc. Enjoy the premium experience to the fullest.


We hope that you appreciate our efforts of providing you the best experience of such Truecaller Premium apk for free.

If you do, kindly share this article with your friends, family members, and acquaintances and let them also enjoy the premium experience.

If you encounter any doubts or obstructions while installing the Truecaller Premium Gold Mod apk file, drop us a comment in the comment section below and we will be there at your service. Thank you for reading the article until the end.

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